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10 Characteristics Of a Sharp A Personality

The term A personality is commonly used to describe a profile of a workaholic person who is competitive and the over-achiever in contrast to Type B personality people who are more laid back, creative and relaxed.  A person with Type A personality, according to Meyer Friedman, is usually business oriented and has a drive and thirst for success.  Comparatively, type A personalities choose high demanding jobs and sometimes it is the high demanding jobs that make the type A personality people.  Type A personality people are more prone to being impatient, aggressive, demanding, and usually are very goal oriented.  Here are 10 characteristics that define the Type A personality, people.


1. Competitive

Type A people are extremely competitive and like to achieve what they have in mind.  First, they often have a lot of plans and ideas and strive for their accomplishments.  Next, they find it logical that if something needs to be done the only way is to make it happen.

2. Time Management

Type A people are always in rush with time.  Since they always feel like they don’t have enough time for everything they need to do.   Additionally, they set up alarms, get up really early and sleep less than other people

3. High-Blood Pressure & Anxiety

People with this type of personality often suffer from high blood pressure and anxiety attacks.  They are more prone to heart diseases because of their short temper and impatience.

4. To-Do-List

Type A personality people find it impossible to function without to-do-list.  They often have a never-ending to-do-list.  Moreover, they believe in hard work and hate laziness.  Their motto is ”Carpe Diem”.

5. Workaholic&Perfectionist

Type A personalities are the overachievers and perfectionists.   Also, they work most of the time and make sure everything is under control.  Furthermore, they are sometimes called the control-freaks as they tend to control everything.

6. Loss Of Sleep

Because of all the stress and worry Type A’s experience during the day, they have a problem with relaxing and difficulty falling in sleep.   Many of the type A personalities sleep under 6 hours a day.

7. Responsible Work

People with sharp A personalities enjoy working in a responsible position such as CEO and they are best in business, entrepreneurship, leadership and political affairs.  In addition, they are usually the motivators and multi-tasking people and that’s why these kind of positions that demand attention to detail and a lot of responsibilities are the best for them.

8. Difficulty In Relaxing

Type A personalities have trouble with relaxing.  For them, it doesn’t make sense unless they set it up as a goal.  Because their mind is clicking all the time relaxing can be a burden for them.

9. Emotional and Sensitive To Stress

Although they look like not being emotional and in touch with their feelings, the truth is completely opposite.  Because type A’s are extremely rooted in reality, they are extremely emotional and sensitive and prone to stress.

10. Career Oriented

Type A is extremely career oriented.  Once they make up their purpose, they don’t spend time on anything else.  Also, this can make problems in their personal life and type A usually need to find partners with a similar or equally demanding job in order to keep balance in the relationship.



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