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10 Tips for Organizing Your Life Effectively

Organizing is a lifesaver in today’s world and a big stress reliever.  Additionally, organizing is the most important thing in a company and a lot of the leaders in business have everything organized even for several years ahead. Why is this so? Organizing has been linked to productivity and efficiency and can make you calmer and more level-headed at all times. No matter if you are looking to organize your own private life  or your work life, these 10 tips can give you a little help and save you some time daily:

10 Tips for Organizing Your Life Effectively

1. Make Lists

This is an oldie-but-goodie.  Lists keep you focused on the things that HAVE to be done so you will be focusing on your priorities rather than spending time on other not-so-important things.  Also, keep the list simple and divided.  Don’t mix work stuff with personal life.  Make several lists if you need: work, home, market list etc.

2. Make a Summary Of Your Next Day/Week

Make a plan for your day/week ahead. Some people want to make a plan daily, some want weekly, some monthly.  Our advice is to make it weekly and keep it checked every day.  Pick a day when you will write all the most important things for the next week, and follow it throughout the week.

3. Take a Break

Make a break and give yourself me time daily, no matter how busy you are. Don’t do anything else during this break, don’t answer e-mails, don’t do anything related to outside world just take time for yourself.  It will re-energize and clear your mind.

4. Organize Your Time For Hobbies

If you go to the gym every day or any other sport or hobby, prepare everything from the night before.  If you have a gym schedule, look at the list the night before and mentally prepare yourself for a good workout.  Prepare the gym bag so you don’t have to think about it in the morning when you are sleepy.

5. Make A Grocery List

A lot of time can be spent in the market or if you go 2-3 times weekly without any plan.  Choose a day when you will do all the food shopping, make a complete list and stick to it.Include all the things you have to buy for the whole week and just buy the fresh fruits/vegetables/meat by need.

6. Plan The Time For Friends And Family

Friends and family are the most important things in our life.  Plan your day/week so that you find a time to catch up with them and organize a lunch or a dinner.  Don’t mix your family/friends time with work time.  Split these two and you will notice how much more you will enjoy both of them.

7. Organize Your Clothes

Take a hanger outside your closet and set up the clothes combination for the whole week.  You can do this every Sunday night.  This way you will know what you will be wearing in the morning and this will save you time preparing for work and you will be automatically more focused in the morning for work activities plus you will always look nice.

8. Set Up Realistic Goals

Keeping your goals simple and realistic will keep your mind more focused and calm.”Chop” your goal into smaller chunks with specific deadlines so that you know how you are doing so far.  Try to limit your goal to 2-3 at a time.

9.Manage Your Money

This is one of the most important things in living an organized life. Don’t overspend and keep your finances in check.  In addition, make a monthly budget for food, clothes, bills, lifestyle and other expenses that you really need and avoid overspending on unnecessary items.

10.Keep Your Work Place/Home Clean Always

Cleanliness is linked to calmness, mental health, and increased creativity.  Always keep your work desk/space clean in order to keep your mind sharp and more productive.  Don’t keep unnecessary pieces of paper on your desk and clean it regularly.  The same implies for your home-it is the best feeling when you come home from a long day to a clean home.



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