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11 Things Emotionally Strong People Don’t Do

Emotions are the driving force in life and knowing how to recognize and deal with them is really important in our everyday life emotions to shape our reality.  We have all met a person who is cheerful, confident and leaves a positive vibe and energy and we have all met a person that is grumpy and critical and leaves us feeling down.  The difference between these two types of people is their mental and emotional strength.  Emotional strength is the main factor in creating and living a good life in general.  Here is what emotionally strong people do and don’t do:

1. They Are Not Attention Seekers

Seeking attention is closely related to needing recognition and affection from outside.  Emotionally strong people are certain in who they are and they don’t need daily outside approval to feel good about themselves.

2. They Don’t Hold Grudges

Emotionally Strong People know how to let go.  They don’t hold grudges.  They forgive and move on.  Holding on to anger and other negative emotions takes a lot of energy and unnecessary burden.

3. They are very picky in who they let into their lives

Emotionally Strong People people have a direction and strong sense of self.  Because of this, they don’t allow just anybody in their lives-they know majority of people are lost.

4. They Know How To Love

Emotionally Strong People know how to love and they love hard.  People who are afraid to love have a lack of confidence in themselves. Because they love themselves they can also love another person without any fear.

5. They ”Carpe Diem”

Emotionally strong people get the best from every day and they don’t take anything for granted.  They don’t wait for somebody to make their life better or to make a change in their lives.  If they want to make something happen, they do it.  They catch the day.

6. They Never Stop Doing Their Own Thing

Emotionally Strong People never stop doing what makes them happy and what they want.  No matter if they have obstacles, problems or enemies-they keep going.

7. They Slow Down and Enjoy Life

Emotionally strong people don’t need to move all the time .  They take time for themselves to enjoy life and the simple things in it like a good movie, late night walk in order to re-energize themselves and keep themselves still.

8. They Are Nice Human Beings

Emotionally Strong People are nice human beings that don’t act rude.  They are aware and responsible for the energy they bring into people’s lives and they try not to make others feel bad because of them.  People with lack of self-confidence tend to be rude and arrogant in order to compensate for their lack of self-esteem.

9. They Don’t Feel Like The World Owes Them Anything

Emotionally Strong People don’t feel like the world owes them anything.  If they want something they work for it.  They are aware that they are the ones responsible for their life and the way they live it.

10. They Are Not People-Pleasers

Emotionally Strong People are not people-pleasers.  They have no problems saying no when they don’t like doing something or when they don’t need something.  They focus all of their energy on what they love and what they need.

11. They Allow Change

Emotionally Strong People welcome change into their lives.  They don’t get attached to anything because they rely mostly on themselves. They embrace change and learn from every experience, whether negative or positive.

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