Fasted Cardio For Shredding Fat

Shedding the last stubborn fat can be the most challenging thing for every person that is striving to get the body to a lean physique.  As with everything extreme in the fitness world, there are different opinions when it comes to doing fasted cardio.  Fasted cardio is done in the morning or while the body is in fasting state.  The body is in fasting state early in the morning, or simply during the day when the insulin levels are low( usually several hours after a meal.)

Fasted Cardio For Shredding Fat

What do fasted cardio do to your body?

Our body takes energy and fuel from the food we eat. The food that we eat is converted into energy that we use in everyday activities and while working out.  When there is no energy to take, our body has to go to the fat reserves and use that energy.  This cardio workout on an empty stomach; or after a long period of eating (that makes the insulin level go down) is called fasted cardio. During fasted cardio, the body burns fat cells as energy.

This kind of cardio is practiced by a lot of fitness athletes that are getting ready for competition; also want to lose the last stubborn fat left. Fasted cardio exercise has been proven to shed fat faster than normal cardio workouts. But the downside is that it also makes you lose the muscles that you are trying to gain in the gym. The best solution for this is to not go completely on an empty stomach early in the morning.  Instead, take a dose of protein powder or a BCAA in order to ”save” your muscles and shred fat at the same time.

After your cardio session, follow your day with eating as you would do normally. Remember, following a healthy diet according to your fitness goals is the most important thing for your body. It doesn’t matter if you do HIIT training every day or fasted cardio in the early morning; if you don’t nourish your body with proper nutrition you will not get the results you want.  Give it a try!



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