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4 Ways To Use Tofu In Your Meals

Tofu is one of the best vegan sources of protein. It is made from soy beans and is an excellent source of amino acids and iron as well. Tofu is very versatile, can be cooked in many ways, and is very low in calories. There are two common types of tofu, silken tofu, and firm tofu that can use in many different recipes. Here are 4 ways to use tofu in your meals.


1. Smoothies

For people who don’t like to use protein powders, smooth silken tofu is the perfect substitute.  Moreover, it will add a perfect texture to your smoothie plus it is pack with amino acids and will keep you full for a longer period of time.  Use tofu with soy milk or water, frozen fruits such as berries and bananas and you have yourself perfect protein packed smoothie.

2. Salads

You can make a complete protein-packed meal using fried firm tofu in sesame and canola oil and add it to whatever salad you like. The great thing about tofu is that it takes any flavor you add to it so you can make your own spice mix and experiment with different flavors. Our recommendation is using canola and sesame seed oil along with sesame seeds to make a tasty teriyaki tofu.

3. Cakes and Desserts

Many people use tofu as a base for a vegan cheesecake, but you can also use it for making different puddings and desserts. You can make your own tofu protein pudding by combining simple ingredients like dark chocolate and smooth silken tofu.

4. Tofu Burgers

Tofu burgers are another healthy recipe that you can make with firm tofu cheese.  In addition, tofu burgers are really simple and easy to make.  By combining fresh herbs, tofu, oats and wheat flour you can make a healthy and delicious tofu burger that is cholesterol-free and very low in calories.  Try to switch your regular beef burgers to a tofu burger for a healthier and lighter option like this one.


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