5 Powerful Feng Shui Decor Elements

Feng Shui teaching works with achieving the total balance of the 5 elements in nature: Wood, Water, Fire, Metal, and Earth. When these 5 are in balance in a particular space or room, a perfect harmony is achieved that brings happiness, prosperity, and luck.  Feng Shiu harmony depends on many things: wall colors, furniture arrangements, materials, the direction of room and decor. Decorating is the smartest, quickest and powerful way to increase the room vibration and balance all of the elements.  Here are some Feng Shui tips and powerful feng shui decor elements that can help you achieve harmony and balance in your home or office.





1. Flowers and Plants

Flowers and plants are one of the most powerful feng shui elements representing the Wood energy.  They purify the air, increase the chi energy in the room and offer a feeling of grace, elegance, and beauty.  The most powerful Feng Shui flower to have in your home is the Orchid flower, which is very well known for bringing harmony in the home.  Another good chi energy-rising flower is the beautiful peony flower that is a symbol of prosperity and romance.  When it comes to plants, the most beneficial is the Lucky Bamboo that is considered the perfect balance of the 5 elements, the Lady Palm, and the Pachira Aquatica.

2. Candles

Candles represent the element Fire and they bring warmth and sensuality in a given space. In feng shui, every candle color has a different meaning. For example, white represents wholeness of spirit, purity, and consciousness. Blue candles stand for spirituality, wisdom, and truth. Red represents the most physical world, courage, passion, flesh pleasures and love, yellow stands for intellect and mental capacity and brown represents balance and the Mother Earth.

3. Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most used feng shui elements that represent the element Water.  In addition, mirror stands for abundance, happiness, and luck. There are some rules while applying a mirror in a particular room.  For example, don’t place a mirror so that it reflects the bed in the bedroom; it is considered a bad luck in life.  If you place a mirror in a living room, put it in a place so that it reflects beautiful and pleasant things like the outside garden, trees, flowers or water.

4. Metal Vases, Frames, and Bowls

Metal vases, frames, and bowls are a quick and effective way to bring the Metal energy in your space.  Also, metal energy represents discipline and brings feelings of purity in a given space. Choose metal vases, frames, and gray bowls to bring a feeling of freshness and calmness into any room.

5. Pottery and Rocks

Rocks and pottery represent the Earth element which is the most stable and grounding element of all. Put beige/sand/brown/gray rocks to bring a sense of grounding. Rocks and earth elements also nurture and support Metal element and Water element. Pottery is preferred to be made from natural material like clay(terracotta is one of the best choices).


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