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Be A Best Friend and A Partner:How Easy Is This?

Relationships are the most important part in our life whether they are family relationships, love or friendships. They all give us support and meaning in life and make us feel more alive, happy and grateful. The most important relationships are those in the close family and long-lasting friendships.   In addition, the love relationships that we have with our partners.  The relationships we have with our partners have a really big impact on our overall satisfaction, mood, happiness, and joy in life.  The most important thing in having a deep and intimate relationship with our belove is being completely open, having trust, love, respect  and friendship.

It is proven that people who have their partners as best friends feel more secure, calm, and they can pass throughout difficult times more easy than the ones who have superficial relationships. Many people find it easy to have deep connections with others and other have difficulty in having intimacy with the opposite gender. This depends on from many factors: your overall awareness about yourself, the relationship with your family and close ones, the level of openness you have and the longevity of your relationship.  Here are tips that can help you with having a deeper connection with your partner and make you feel more secure in your relationship.



1.Love Him/Her The Way They Want to Be Love

Different people have different relationships views and different needs. Learn how to love your partner without nagging him. Give him/her enough space, consider their needs, and try to find a compromise.  Some people like to be spoiled, some people need space, some people need freedom, and some people are romantic types who cherish the most the time spend together.  Learn how to love your partner and take care of their needs and yours also.


Openness is one of the most important things in a relationship.  Being intimate and open with your partner is the second step the first step is being open with yourself first.  Get to know what you like, get to know yourself and then you will know the other too. This is possible with meditation and self-awareness.(See number 5).

3.Don’t Take Each Other For Granted

Most common mistake everyone makes is a relationship is that they take each other for granted.  Relationship reaches certain depth only when you truly care for someone and you try to get to know him daily.  Everyone changes every day and getting to know your partner every day is something that will strengthen your relationship and make your love grow.


Trust is the most important for every relationship, not just love relationship.  If you feel you can’t trust your partner, you will close and introvert yourself and your relationship will not go very far. Always talk about the things that are bothering you and be honest with each other.  Find the way to work through the issues and make your relationship secure.

5.Mutual Self-Awareness

Mutual self-awareness is needed in every relationship.  Learning to recognize our emotions and our patterns that make our relationships to work the way they work can cause a major change in our life.  Always try to do your work do you ignite positive or negative emotions in your partner?  Are you a pessimist or an optimist?  How do you look at life?  This is very important to be practiced from both sides so that you can find a mutual path and happiness.  Imagine if one of the partners has a go-get-it attitude and you are a pessimist who is afraid of challenges?  Do you think your relationship will go far?  Learn to balance your inner strengths and find mutual understanding and balance.

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