Benefits of Running : Running on Emotions


Running On Emotions

Have you ever had a good long distance run and after that you felt like being reborn? Besides being a best friend to your heart health and helping you burn your belly fat; another importance of running is its connection to our emotional health.  According to the latest research, running and our emotional health is really closely related.  It is proven that running helps you unclog pent up emotions in your body.

The reason for this is because the body holds on to its feelings; even if it seems that the mind has already dealt with them. The body would like to complete the emotional experience so running is one of the best ways to let the emotions that have been held up into the body come back to the surface.  Some people experience a release of a lot of intense emotions after a long run such as anger and sadness and it is a powerful way to clean our body from emotional blockage.  A quick 30min run outside immediately will increase your endorphin and will cause a general well-being and a sense of happiness.  Because of this running is used in many hospitals in order to cure clinical depression and all sorts of addictions.

Running also helps our mental health, improves our fitness and stamina and builds confidence and stamina.  After a running session, you can think more clearly. It makes your mind sharper and more focused and especially if you are running early in the increases your energy levels throughout the whole day!

Do we need to say more?! Grab your sneakers and go run!


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  • Boy, I can tell you this works! Whenever I feel down and depressed, a quick session of interval running does wonders to clear my head and get those endorphins flowing!

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