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Caffeine Rush:Drink These Before Coffee to Balance Body pH


Caffeine RushDrink These Before Coffee to Balance Body pH

Coffee addiction is very common in today’s society. Due to the high-demanding jobs, fast life and stress, coffee consumption is growing day by day. While a cup or two a day is proven to have health benefits; a lot of it can have a serious impact on our health. Such as anxiety attacks, dehydration, insomnia and increased heartbeat.  Coffee is highly acidic drink and if we consume it in large quantities it can seriously decrease the pH of our body.  Everything below pH 7 is considered an acidic food and everything above it is considered an alkalizing food/drink and 7 is neutral.  Here are some drinks that we can incorporate along with our coffee ritual in order to balance coffee addiction.

1. Drink shots

Ginger shot, wheatgrass, and spirulina shots are proven to give a natural energy kick in the morning time; along with the extra health benefits. A ginger shot is great for digestion and immunity and contains a lot of antioxidants, wheatgrass shot contains a lot of vitamin E, C, and beta-carotene and spirulina shot is alkalizing and strength giving with a dose of natural vegan protein.  And they are all alkalizing-together with black coffee they make a great combo.

2. Lemon Water

Lemon water on an empty stomach balances PH cleanses the liver and boost the body with a good dose of vitamin C.  Drink this alkalizing combination before coffee in order to balance the pH and aid digestion in the morning.  You can also add a pinch of fresh mint and ginger to it to make it even more gut-friendly.

3. Raw Almond Milk

Raw Almond Milk is alkaline beverage compared to cow’s milk that is highly acidic. Try adding raw almond milk instead of regular cow’s milk in your morning cup of black coffee in order to alkalize it and make it more body friendly.  You can even make your own homemade raw almond milk.  By blending overnight soaked almonds together with fresh water, sea salt, and dates or agave. You can choose another dairy-free milk instead of raw almond milk.

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