Candida Infection: Treatments and Causes

Candida infection or vaginal yeast infection is a common condition caused by the fungus Candida. The infection can be diagnosed by the several symptoms such as itching, swelling, irritation, and white discharge.  There are several types of Candida.   The main causes for overgrowth of this bacteria are stress, hormonal disbalance, taking antibiotics, and weakened the immune system.  Once a Candida Albicans is active in your organs; it is more likely that it will be active more than once.  Usually after taking antibiotics and during stressful periods that will make a loss for the good bacteria in your gut.


Candida Remedies&Diet

There are many remedies for Candida overgrowth such as tablets, cream, and different medications.  But the most long-term effective remedy is a simple fresh diet rich in proteins, without sugar and fruits.  Rich in gut-friendly probiotic foods like sauerkraut, yogurt, kombucha, and kimchi.

The most important thing in dealing with an overgrowth of Candida is the elimination of fruits and other sugary things and carbs.  Sugar is the most effective candida growing agent.  Usually, there are several phases into clearing candida from your system.  But you can start with anti-candida diet if your prefer and if your candida overgrowth is normal.  If your candida level is severe, you should consider starting with the cleanse first.  The cleansing phase allows only fresh vegetables, raw salads, and steamed broccoli.  Detox drinks and a lot of water will clean your colon and flush out most of the toxins from your body.  The Anti-Candida diet consists of pure vegetables and different kinds of protein such as chicken, turkey, fish and eggs; and avoidance of all alcoholic drinks, starchy vegetables, pasta, and bread (especially gluten)sweets, nuts, mushrooms, and condiments.

After following the Anti-Candida diet for a while, you should start reintroducing simple foods such as some low-glycemic fruits and potatoes.



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