Clear Your Second Chakra

The second Chakra in your body is the second energetic spot that represents creativity, power, money issues, relationships.  In addition, the attachment to other people, beliefs and a balance between work and play, sexuality and pleasure.  The second chakra is the most feminine one and governs by the element water. This Chakra gives us the energy for creation and procreation; also, the ability to change to move on and to be emotionally balanced.

If your second Chakra is balanced you will feel joy and energy for life.  In addition, you will feel sexual desire without having it rule your mind; also you will experience an overall sense of joy. Everything you create comes from your second chakra-a website, brand, company, a meal or a planting a garden.

bright orange mandala of svadhisthana chakra vector


The second chakra also governs the sense of control, intimacy, and connections with other people, prosperity.  Furthermore, the feeling of dualism every one of us experiences between the bad and the good, matter and spirit, thoughts and emotions.  The color that represents this chakra is orange.

If you have underactive second chakra you will experience impotence, feelings of depression and feelings of guilt. If your second chakra is overactive you will feel addictions for unhealthy food, promiscuity, addiction to sex; also view other as mere objects for sexual pleasure.

Balance the Second Chakra

Foods: every food with the color orange stimulates the second chakra for example oranges, melons, mangoes and also coconuts, cinnamon, carob and almond and walnuts from nuts.  Using essential oils can also help us balance this chakra.  The most beneficial for this are neroli oil, jasmine oil, melissa oil, and orange oil.

Meditation and self-awareness can help you balance your chakra. Be mindful about the food choices you make; additionally, the way you interact with people and the emotions you feel in different situations.

The most beneficial sports for clearing this chakra are yoga and running.

If you have under active second chakra, use the color orange to stimulate your senses. If you have overactive second chakra use the color blue to balance it.

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