Cocoa vs. Cacao-Know the Difference



Cacao VS Cocoa

When we say raw cacao, a lot of people confuse it with cocoa powder.  There are a lot of differences between these two starting from their nutritional value, calories and pricing.  Raw Cacao is a chocolate superfood and is much more expensive to buy than regular cocoa.  It is very high in flavonoids(antioxidants) that protect our cells from premature aging; also, it contains essential vitamins and minerals from which the most concentrated are magnesium and iron.  Raw cacao also contains a lot of fiber.  Raw cacao powder is made from dried cacao beans that fermented for a flavor enhancement and are grounded into a fine powder using low heat technology.

Cocoa, on the other hand, is a heat process chocolate powder and have lower levels of cacao, mostly ranging from 11-25%. It is not a superfood unlike raw cacao powder and can contain milkfat, hydrogenate oils and artificial flavorings and very little nutrients and it can cause weight gain.  Raw cacao heightens libido, increases energy and improves mood. Cocoa is not the unhealthy choice, it does contain a lot of the healthy benefits of raw cacao. If you choose cocoa instead of raw cacao, look for Dutch processed cacao that is alkalizing to acidity to pH7.


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