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Couple Guide:Things To Consider Before Moving In Together

Moving in together with your boyfriend/girlfriend is a great way to take your relationship up to the next level.  It is one of the last things to do before finalizing your relationship and getting engaged or married.   As good as it is, there are many things that need to be considered before taking this big step.  Here are some things you need to think of before moving in together.

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1. Bills+Foods+ Chore Plans

Before you move in together make a plan and an agreement for all the things concerning you’re living together; such as bills payment, food shopping, cleaning, and rent.  Make an account together in which the both of you will deposit money every month that will cover all the rent, food, bills, and cleaning expenditures.  Make a food shopping plan and go buy food every Sunday.  This way you will avoid the fights and inconveniences about money that can be really disturbing for the relationship.

2. Know What You Are Getting Into

Moving in together is a very big step for every couple.  Be aware that you will have to live with someone 24/7 without any breaks.  Some people feel like they are losing their space and privacy; so the best thing to do is to talk with your partner about this subject.  If you need a space every day to be alone for an hour or two let your partner know; so that you don’t make misunderstandings afterward.

3. If You Move/Split

Moving in will make you more intimate and emotionally connected with your partner.  Consider and talk about all the possible scenarios that can happen afterward; so that you know what you are getting into.   If one of you moves to another country or another city, will you be able to go with him?  Supposing one of you lose the job, what will you do?  In case if you split-where will the both of you live? Consider all of these things before moving in with your partner; so that you don’t have additional problems if something like this happens.

4. Keep Your Sex Life Active

This is not a joke!  The most common problem that every couple makes when they move in together is that they neglect each other and their sex life.  It is very easy to do this when you know your beloved is home with you and you put your safe mode on together with sweatpants and watch TV every day.  The passion and love will disappear from your life.  Go out often, cook together and have an active sex life to keep the spark in your love life.  Living together should be about time management, not taking each other for granted.

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