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Detox Your Life: Let Go Of Toxic People

Close relationships in our lives are crucial in living a healthy and fulfilled life. Sometimes the people in our lives can by intention or unintentionally harm us emotionally and mentally.  These types of relationships we call toxic or harmful relationships.  Many people lack self-awareness and are emotionally not stable and the result is harming other people and leaving them drained without any life left. And we are not talking only about love relationships-all relationships, in general, can be toxic-family, friends etc.  Unfortunately, sometimes the people who are the closest to us can be the most toxic people and harm us mentally or emotionally.  Here is 8 signs by which you will recognize toxic people and how to deal with them.

toxic relationship

1. They always blame you For everything.

Toxic people are in general not responsible for anything and have the tendency to blame you for everything in life.  Because they are emotionally not stable, they can show emotions of anger, sadness, and rage towards you because of something that happened to them and you are not a part of.

2. They are the victims.

They are always the victims.  Also, They complain all the time and their favorite thing to say is ”Life is not fair”.  They put the self-pity mask in order to seek validation and attention from other people. This is closely related to the other thing called running from responsibility.

3. They drain your energy.

If you are with a person and you constantly feel tired after being with them, be sure it is a toxic person.  Toxic people have the ability to take your energy with their negative aura and leave you in a depressed state.  Sometimes after being with a toxic person, you will feel drained and ”beaten” with no energy left.  These types of people are also called energy vampires.

4. They Show Off Too Much To Compensate For Their Lack Of Self Worth.

People who show off a lot with things that have no real value are toxic people.  Because they don’t believe in their abilities, they don’t believe in the abilities of other people too and they are generally selfish and don’t care about other people as well.  Positive and capable people in general never brag or show off.

5. They are unproductive and lazy.

People who are lazy and unproductive have a really low energy and they don’t putt much effort into anything. It is proven that you become like the people with whom you collaborate the most.Lazy people can make you not appreciate your own time and energy.

6. They don’t believe in better tomorrow and are life-negative.

People who are life negative and don’t believe in tomorrow are life-draining.  They always complain but never change anything and don’t actually take risks to make things better.

7. They want to control you.

Another way to drain your energy that toxic people do is control and put brakes on you.  Our life force energy is wild and free, no matter if it is our emotions, freedom of thought or intelligence. People who like to control you because of their own fears and insecurities are the most toxic people you can meet.

8. They belittle you and make you feel worthless.

People who feel a lack of worth make other people feel worthless.  People who believe in themselves always make others feel worthwhile and happy and inspire people in general.  Always see how you feel around certain people and how they affect your mood and energy and how they make you feel about yourself.  Sometimes, unfortunately, you have to make distance and put boundaries on certain relationships because they are harmful to you.  It is essential for the other person to recognize that he is doing harm to you consciously or unconsciously and to take responsibility.

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