Does Eating 100% Organic Matters?

Eating organic is becoming more and more popular among health enthusiasts. Many people consider eating organic to be the healthiest way in which one can consume fresh fruits and vegetables; also, other types of food in the everyday diet.  However, eating organic can be really expensive and difficult to eat every day.  One of the reasons is that is almost 2 times more expensive than regular food found in the market nowadays.  Second, organic food is rare in most supermarket.  How important is to eat organic and does it really matter that we eat 100%  organic?

Organic Food Effect Does Eating 100% Organic Matters?

The main reason why people choose to eat organic is that is pesticide free and is GMO-free; so it means it is not genetically modified and is grown in a safe soil.  When growing organic you should not use any pesticides that are based on petroleum and growth hormones. Because of all this organic food is usually twice more expensive, but also fresher and tastier than normal food.

Does Eating 100% Organic Matters?

Organic food is usually fresher and normally better for the environment and for your body. Although it is very expensive to eat organic all the time; but some foods recommend to be eating organic when can.  One of the foods that consider the best to eat organic is lean cuts of meat, eggs and some fruits and vegetables such as apples, cucumbers, potatoes, and strawberries. The fruits and vegetables that are lowest in pesticides are asparaguses, avocados, sweet potatoes, and pineapples.  They have thick skin that protects them from harmful materials and pesticides.

Eating lean meat, poultry and eggs are recommended to be eating organic; because they don’t contain any antibiotics or growth hormones that many farms use today and are extremely harmful to our bodies. Growth hormones are especially harmful to our bodies as they enter our bodies and cause two different types of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, different types of cancer, infertility, asthma, and allergies.

Our Recommendation

Because eating 100% organically is very expensive, our recommendation is to combine between eating organic and non-organic food. Choose to eat organic meat such as beef, chicken, and eggs as often as you can and some of the fruits and vegetables mentioned above.  Buy the other fruits and vegetables grown conventionally. You will benefit your body and your environment in the long run and will protect your body from unwanted hormones and pesticides that can cause serious harm and disease.

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