Go Dairy Free:5 Nut and Seed Milk Substitutes

Lactose intolerance is very common today, there are a lot of people whose stomach gets upset from dairy and has difficulty in digesting lactose and different products made from milk.  However, there are a lot of non-dairy milk available on the market that can substitute dairy in coffee, cheese, cereals and smoothies and are also easy to make at home.  Each of these dairy-free milk has a different consistency and is good for a different purpose in the kitchen.




1. Almond Milk

Almond milk is one of the most popular dairy-free substitutes. Easy to make at home, it is very versatile and it is a great substitute for milk in every baking, cooking or smoothie recipe.  Has a texture similar to cow’s milk.  It has a light flavor and contains a lot of vitamin D and vitamin E.   Additionally, it is very low in calories but the bad side is that is also very low in protein.  It contains only 1gr of protein per cup of almond milk.

2. Cashew Milk

Cashew milk is another great substitute for cow’s milk.  It has a nice creamy texture and it is sweeter than almond milk.If u make it at home, it will take you 2 minutes to prepare it as it doesn’t need straining as other nut milk preparations.  It contains nearly 5gr of protein per serving and a lot of iron, magnesium and vitamin K that is responsible for building strong bones.  Use it in smoothies, dairy free ice-cream, chia puddings of lattes.

3. Hemp Milk

Hemp milk has the strongest taste of all the dairy-free milk but it is incredibly nutritious. It contains 5gr of protein per cup and a good dose of vitamin B complex vitamins riboflavin, niacin, and thiamin.  Also, it contains a lot of magnesium, iron, and zinc.  It is easy to prepare at home.  With the shelled hemp seeds the process will take you 5 minutes, if you have unshelled hemp seeds you will have to soak them up for 12 hours overnight, blend them with fresh water and strain the mixture afterward.

4. Rice Milk

Rice milk is made from boiled rice and brown rice syrup mixed with water and has a thin consistency.  During the process, the carbohydrates turn into sugar. Usually, the rice milk is fortified with calcium and other vitamins as it is very low in nutrients and consist almost no protein. However, it is a good substitute for dairy and it is great for smoothies and lattes and baking.

5. Oat Milk

Oat milk is perfect for people who suffer from nut allergies.  It is made of pre-soaked oat groats mixed and blended with water.  It is a very good substitute for cow’s milk because of its nutritional value it contains 10 minerals and 15 vitamins, it is low fat and cholesterol free and contains more calcium per cup than regular cow’s milk.  It contains 4gr of protein per cup and it is full of fiber. Usually used in smoothies, coffee, and sauces.




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