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Goat Cheese Health Benefits

Goat Cheese is widely known for its unique taste and flavor and has some advantages over cow’s milk.  Many people are not tolerant of dairy products and cow’s cheese, but goat cheese actually doesn’t make problems with digestion, unlike cow’s cheese.  The reason why goat’s cheese is easier to be digested is that it contains smaller fat globules than cow’s milk.   Also, it contains much less lactose than cow’s milk so it is great for lactose intolerant people.

goats cheese


Goat cheese is lower in calories than any other type of cheeses.  For example, cheddar cheese contains approximately 120 calories per 1 oz compared to goat cheese that contains only 68 calories per 1 oz.  On the protein side, goat cheese is slightly lower in protein than cheddar; but also is lower in sodium and fat.  One oz of goat cheese contains nearly 4 grams of protein,65 mg of sodium and 5 gr of fat.  Goat cheese also contains a good dose of important vitamins and minerals such as thiamine and niacin, vitamin A, D, and K.

How To Eat Goats Cheese?

Goat cheese can be eaten on a toast or bagel; put in a green salad or as a substitute for many dishes instead of cow’s cheese.  For a healthy snack, you can eat filled dates with soft goats cheese or you can grill it and add it to your regular green salad and top it with walnuts.

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