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Heal PMS With Nettle Tea

If you frequently suffer from menstrual cramps and PMS; nettle tea is the one thing you always have to have in your kitchen.  Since nettle tea is known to be one of the greatest tonics possible and it is especially good for cleaning the kidneys and ovaries.



Nettle tea has many body cleansing benefits such as clearing the liver and the kidneys which allow the body to process the female hormone estrogen better and to reduce the PMS symptoms.  Also, nettle tea is known to build your blood as it contains a lot of iron.  The most used condition for which nettle tea is used for is heavy menstrual bleeding.  It is proven by a study that consuming nettle tea can help you shorten your menstrual cycle and make your menstrual flow lighter.

Fresh Or Dry Nettle Tea?

The best nettle tea is made from fresh nettle leaves, as with every herb. If you are not in possibility to find fresh nettle, buy dry nettle tea from your local store. The process for making nettle tea is the same with both dry and fresh nettle leaves. Take 2 spoons of dry nettle leaves/several leaves of fresh nettle and soak them with boiling water. Wait for 5-7 minutes and then strain the tea. Drink one to two cups of nettle tea daily in order to clean your body and relieve painful PMS symptoms.

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