How Does Gut Health Affect Mental Health

Gut health is very important for the function of the whole organism especially our brain, colon, and nervous system also.   Many people don’t know that bad gut health is many times linked to anxiety and many mental disorders.   A new study proves that many probiotic foods that are made for the improvement of our gut health actually work as a natural anti-anxiety remedy.

The Connection

The balance of bacteria in our organism is directly linked o our mood and energy.   Also, it is proven that bad gut health can make us moody, passive and depressed.  The major cause of causing bad bacteria in our gut is taking antibiotics, eating too much sugary food, stress, and imbalance of hormones.


Good mental health relates to mental clarity and good well-being.  Proven by a study, taking probiotics can be really beneficial in dealing with anxiety and depression.  Our fight or flight syndrome comes from our gut. When we are under a constant stress, it takes a damage to our whole organism; also causes many diseases and illnesses.  Such as high blood pressure, anxiety, clinical depression.  In addition, chronic gut problems can cause infections and bad bacteria that release toxins into the blood and affect our mental capabilities also.

How To Care For Your Gut

Your gut directly relates to your whole body health.  Nourish your body with fresh water and food that is rich in protein, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole wheat products and nuts.  Find out what kinds of food your body tolerates and which not.  Some people are intolerant of gluten, some people are intolerant of lactose etc.  Food intolerance makes digestive problems and makes you gain weight even if your calorie intake is lower.  Take probiotics and cultured yogurts, eat a food high in fiber, sweat daily and lower your stress.

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