How Exercising Daily Impacts Our Mental Health

Living a balanced life is crucial for overall well-being and experiencing a sense of happiness and joy daily.  An important aspect of a balanced life is having an active lifestyle and exercising on a daily basis.  Exercising on a daily basis is good for our physical but mental health too.

EF2087You don’t have to hit the gym every day or go to every scheduled Pilates class there are much more ways by which you can take care of your body and stay active. Exercising in nature, especially during the summer, can be a lot more beneficial. Physical activity benefits good mental health in many ways.

1. A sense of accomplishment

Whenever you achieve something like reaching a new running goal or new squat weight record, you feel happy. Just the feeling that you are working toward a certain goal makes you feel happier and mentally strong.

2. Focus

Exercising on a daily basis is proven to help sharpen your mind, make you think more clearly and be more focused in everyday life.  If you regularly hit the gym and do some kind of cardio daily, it gives you the habit of routine and dedication.

3. Felling less stressed and more relaxed

Exercising helps you sleep more peacefully and makes you more relaxed.  Exercise many times is used as a tool to flush out negative emotions and thoughts and to replace the negative energy with positive after workout feeling.

4. Sense of happiness, better social life, and increased energy

When you exercise daily you naturally have more self-confidence because you are taking care of your body, plus you get more from the serotonin hormone that makes you happy and positive.  All this equal to a better and happier social life.

5. Better Sleep

When you exercise, you sleep better and more peacefully. It is proven by a study that people who get at least 120 minutes of exercise weekly, sleep much more peacefully and feel rested during the whole day also they feel more energy on a daily basis without having the need to take naps during the afternoon hours.


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    From the inside looking out, it’s heard to explain.
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    This is a great article & mental illness is a think.
    They are real and we need to talk about them… Thanks for share.