How Important is An Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline Diet has become really popular in the past century.  Alkaline and acidic are the two ends of the spectrum that indicate the pH of the food and liquids that we consume daily.  The scale starts from 0 and goes to 14.  Every food/beverage/herb below 7 is acidic and everything above 7 is alkaline.  In modern society, eggs, fish, low-fat cheese, poultry, and lean cuts of meat are typically recommended as the basis of a good and healthy diet, and can keep your weight in check; however, these food are highly acidic, so it is essential to counterbalance this by eating a lot of vegetables, super foods, and drinks that can alkalize and balance the acidity. Furthermore, artificial sugars, sweeteners, and different kinds of condiments that we use daily are considered very toxic and acidic for our bodies and should be avoided.  Eating an alkaline diet that is said to cleanse our bodies from toxins.  We made a list of the most alkalizing fruits, vegetables, and superfoods that you need to incorporate in your diet in order to balance the pH in the body and also keep your weight in check.

How Important is An Alkaline Diet

The Importance Of Eating An Alkaline Diet

Eating an alkaline diet is important for many reasons. First, for maintaining a good health of our internal organs and keeping our immunity strong. Our blood pH must stay within the range of pH 7 and above otherwise a disease will attack the organism. Also, an alkaline diet is important for maintaining a good digestion, healthy skin, and hair, and for proper energy production. Many diseases such as cancer, tumors, and other malignant diseases are known to thrive in an acid body environment. If your bloodstream has an alkaline charge, it would be impossible for dangerous diseases to thrive in the body.

What Can You Do?

1. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Fresh lemon water in the morning will balance your pH and keep your metabolism in check.

2. Try to cut back on refined sugars. Try to incorporate natural sugars such as honey, dates, dried fruit and agave.

3. Limit your consumption of meat and eggs. Meat and eggs are both acidic so you will need to eat a lot of vegetables to balance your pH.

4. Stress Less. Stress is the major contributor to making your body acidic. Try to meditate and keep your mind still and relaxed.

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