How To Be Money Wise and Save Money Every Month

Saving money in the economy today is nearly impossible. Many people in order to keep up with their normal lives have to take loans and many credits and not save a little bit on the side. Although it is very difficult, it is not impossible to save money month by month. Follow our steps that can help you with your every day planning and finances.


1. Make a 30 Days Money Plan

Making a 30-day plan is very effective in dealing with economic issues. Every month make an approximate money plan that will calculate all of your income, expenses; such as electric bills, food, water, gas and credit card debt(if you have one), leisure expenses and try to stick to it.  It is very easy to spend on things that don’t matter and you don’t really need, but once you make up your list you will be more efficient with your spending and more considerate.

2. Save EVERY Month no matter how little it is

It doesn’t matter if it is 10 or 100$; it is very important to save monthly just for the habit of saving money.  At the middle of every month, according to your monthly plan for the money, drop your savings on your saving account. You can use them at the end of your month for whatever reason you like, or just keep them as a security for whatever you need in the future.

3. Do A Grocery List

Making a grocery list will simplify your food and eating habits and you will not spend additional money on food ordering and snacks that can sometimes cost a lot. Make a grocery list and buy weekly. An additional tip is to buy in bulk whenever you can and use the market discounts on the food they have.

4. Buy Only What You Need

Buying only what you need will cut your spending a lot. No matter what it is that you spend most your money on(food, clothes, electronics), can be simplified and better for your finances if you buy only what you need. For example, if you buy food weekly, you will buy the food that you need for next week only. If you buy monthly, the chances are you will buy more and more unnecessary things. The same is with clothes. If you buy without plan and just for the sake of buying, you will end up with many pieces of clothes that you will probably wear only one or twice(read number 5.)

5. Build A Wardrobe

Building a wardrobe will cut the money you spend on clothes. Learn what you like to wear and stick to it.  If you like wearing black; for example, you can buy black classy stuff that is easy to mix and match with all the other colors.  Invest in good coat, quality shoes, good belt, a tuxedo for men, fitted dress for women, a good handbag and lots of classy polo shirts, t-shirts, and bodysuits(for women).  When the next season comes, just look what you need and keep building your wardrobe without spending unnecessary money.


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