How to Simplify Your Life:Zen Habits

Many of us are caught in constant rushing through life, panic, and multitasking that results with stress and not being able to enjoy life and not being present in the moment.  Being torn between having a successful career, having time for our friends and family and going out, we barely find time to relax and to reflect on life.  Simplicity in the modern society today is not-existing.  Many of the people are rushing for countless material things, things without substance, superficial countless relationships, and friendships that take energy and we have totally forgotten about the spiritual side of our beings.

Although we don’t recommend living like a Zen monk, because that is just taking the life into another extreme, there are some zen habits that can really help us connects with our inner self for a more peaceful and loving life into this modern era.  Zen living emphasizes living naturally and pure in the moment, with less clutter and with the total perception of the reality. Here are 11 zen habits that can help us with our chaotic lifestyle:

1. Stop multitasking:

Single-task.Do one thing at a time. When eating, eat.  When working you will be more efficient in everything you do, and you will be more concentrated.

2. Declutter your life:

Let go of everything that you no longer need. Clothes, relationships that are not really meaningful(especially toxic relationships); old things laying around your home and taking up space, things you don’t really need in your workplace etc.  Clearing unnecessary things from your life will bring you more clarity and will make space for things that you actually NEED.  Clean your computer, garage, wardrobe, phone and every other little thing and create order, you will feel much better and lighter.

3. Learn to say no:

Make a priority list and learn what your most important things are. Learn to say no if u really don’t want to do something but you are doing it because of others and not because you really want it. When you start doing things that are really important to you; you will find yourself in a more Zen out place and you will feel more like yourself.

4. Cleanse your body:

This is one of the most important things in living more zen life.  Eat healthy and nutritious food. This doesn’t mean to stay away from pizza or bread but chooses food that soothes your body and learns a balance. Don’t overeat and don’t starve yourself.Drink green juices made from fruits and vegetables that cleanse the body, switch sodas with tea and fresh water and eat a balanced diet with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

5. Make a plan for your day and evaluate your time:

Plan your day with the activities that are the most important for you and remove any activities that take up time from your day like looking at social media for too long(we all do this), or spending useless time in front of the TV.  Limit your activities and plan your day around the ones that truly benefit you.  Find your hobbies and what you really want to do and plan your day around this activities. You will feel much happier and fulfilled.

6. Be present and grateful:

Be present and experience every little thing you do.  Don’t rush through life and make yourself stressed.Everything comes and passes except the present moment.  Don’t waste your time living in the past or daydreaming about the future.  The past is no more and the future is not yet.  Once you realize the truth of this you will be able to relax and enjoy the present moment and automatically you will feel content and grateful.

7. Simplify your goals and work on the day by day:

We are often really greedy when it comes to life and our future and we make pressure on ourselves by putting dozens of goals that we need to achieve.   Change this by setting up one or two goals for the near future and concentrate on them.  Work on them every single day until you achieve them.  After have achieved them you will be able to move on your other goals. When you simplify your goals you will do them much more efficiently and you will get rid yourself of constant pressure and stress. In the long run, you will have a lot more productivity and a lot less stress!

8. Simplify your budget and don’t overspend:

Don’t overspend and make a monthly budget.  Most of us when experiencing emotional instability, tend to buy unnecessary things and overspend because that’s how we tend to deal with emotions.  Make a monthly budget that will fit your most basic needs(bills, rent, gym membership, food) and leave a little to splurge yourself.  The rest of your income should go to savings, whether long term or short term savings.  Your short-term savings might be useful for a vacation that you planned to go at the end of the year and use your long-term savings for bigger life expenses like buying a house, wedding etc.

9. Do what you love:

After you clean your life from everything you don’t really need, pour your energy into everything that you love doing. Spend your hours into doing the things that make you happy.without feeling burden or guilt.

10. Exercise:

Your body should be cleared up from negative energy and emotions daily just like everything else in our lives.  Find time to exercise, f not daily, then at least 3-4 times a week; 30 minutes will be enough to let your body release the tension that is pent up from everyday stress. Choose whatever sport you find yourself interested in, it might be running(we recommend); aerobics, weight training, swimming etc.

11. Meditate:

Last but not least: learn to meditate.  Find time everyday when you will be able to just sit still and relax,watch your thoughts and listen to your inner voice.  It will make you peaceful.

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