Ingredients To Always Have For Your Smoothies

Smoothies are very easy to make and they are packed with nutrients, vitamins and all the essential macro nutrients. You can make 1000 different smoothies by using different ingredients.Here are some ingredients you should always have in your fridge in order to make the best smoothies for your diet.  Keep this basic list and experiment with different flavors.



1. Protein Of Choice

Protein keeps you full, fuel your muscles and makes you burn more fat. Choose a protein that fits your needs or taste. It might be whey protein, casein, brown rice protein, hemp or pea protein powder. You can also use Greek yogurt if you don’t like to use protein powders.

2. Fruits (Bananas/Berries)

Fruits will make your smoothies thick and perfect for the summer. Keep frozen bananas, berries, and pineapple chunks and add them to your choice of smoothie.  Also, good fruits for smoothies are avocado, apples, and pears.

3. Milk Of Choice

You can use fresh filtered water also, but milk will add more nutrients and flavor to your smoothies. You can use low-fat milk, almond, soy, rice or any other type of milk. Pick your favorite and always have it in your fridge.

4. Agave/Honey/Dates/Stevia Powder

Choose your type of sweetener for your smoothies. Some people like the taste of agave, some like honey and some go for dates. Dates are really good as they make the smoothie thicker and they have high fiber content.  Stevia powder is great for those who count calories because stevia powder is zero calories.

5. Spirulina/Maca/Acai Berry/Raw Cacao

These superfoods are loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Spirulina is great for detox; maca is good for balancing hormones and increasing libido; acai berry is the most abundant in anti-oxidants as well as raw cacao that will add chocolaty taste to your smoothies.

6. Nut Butters/Coconut Oil

This is optional but it really transforms your smoothie and adds healthy fats, flavor, and +protein. Choose always raw almond or peanut butter or a tablespoon of coconut oil.


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