Is There Such Thing As Too Much Water?


Drinking enough water is really important for proper function of our organism and healthy skin and hair. The recommended amount of water depends on many factors- your weight, exercise level, age etc. Water is really important as it detoxifies our body and flushes toxins from our body. Proper hydration is essential for good health-some studies to how that 8 glasses of water daily is enough for proper function of our internal organs.


If you are training daily, your intake of water should naturally be higher because during sweating we lose electrolytes, sodium, and many other body minerals.  Many fruits and vegetables are naturally very high in water. For example, watermelon and cucumber are almost 90% pure water.

Too Much Water?

Although everyone warns about the dehydration, there is such a thing as too much water. Dehydration has its risks such as muscle cramping, a balance of minerals, salts and sugars in the body that upsets proper function and health of our body.  Overhydration is not as common as dehydration but it is very risky and sometimes potentially deadly condition. Overhydration in the body makes disbalance between the water and sodium content in the body.  Some of the over hydration signs are a headache, feeling disoriented and feelings of confusion and vomiting. It is very important to keep the sodium levels at a proper balance otherwise it can cause hyponatremia.

The best thing that each individual should make is to drink the proper amount according to their lifestyle and needs.  If you are exercising on a daily basis you should drink more water due to excess sweating and loss of electrolytes. The normal daily intake of water should normally be from 5-6 pounds for a 100-pound person.  If you want to calculate your daily water needs, visit

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