Juicing vs. Blending-Know the Difference

Et harum quidem rerum facilis est et expedita distinctio. Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est eligendi optio cumque nihil.

We all know how important it is to incorporate a good amount of fresh fruits and vegetables into our daily diet.  Sometimes getting enough nutrients and minerals from fresh fruit and vegetables can be challenging; so smoothies and juices are the perfect way to get every vitamin and mineral into your body really quickly.  So what is the difference between these two and how they impact our bodies?


Juices are made with a juicer and really nutritionally dense. They don’t contain pulp and are really light to drink. The new trend going into the world is the cold-pressed juice trend.  Cold pressed juice is made by machines that use pressure instead of heat like standard juicers do.  The heat destroys the enzymes and the standard juicer produces a juice with a lower amount of vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes.  Juices are really light to drink and can contain fresh fruits, spices, vegetables, and herbs.  Juice cleanses have become really popular in the past decade.  Juice cleanse helps detoxify the body, the liver, and give you are a lot of energy; because it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.  Drinking cold pressed juices gives your digestive system a complete break because it doesn’t involve digestion at all. This equals more energy.



Smoothies are made with a blender and are less nutritionally dense than juices.  They can be made with whole fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, nut milk, nut butter, and protein powders.  They are considered a whole meal since they contain the whole fruits and vegetables and the fiber which the juices lack.  The great thing about smoothies is that the allow you to get all the nutritional needs daily.  Smoothies improve your digestion, unlike juices that slow down your metabolism.  The other great thing about smoothies is that they can replace a whole meal and will keep you full for a longer period of time.  For example, you can make a protein smoothie containing all the nutrition that you would get in a whole solid meal.

So which do you prefer?

We recommend switching them all the time according to your body needs and cravings and time of the day.  Some people enjoy drinking smoothies in the morning and some people enjoy drinking smoothies in the afternoon.  Try to switch back in forth between these two nutritious drinks in order to get the benefits from both of them.

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