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Lack of Communication: How It Affects Your Relationship

Communication in relationships plays a vital role.  It affects everything: the longevity of the relationship, the quality and the mutual satisfaction of the partners.  Lack of good communication is the main cause of break ups and misunderstanding between the partners.  Most often a lack of communication is caused by repressing feelings, being careless about other people feelings and lack of responsibility and care.  Furthermore, good communication is crucial for having depth and intimacy.  In today’s world, a lot of people get used to hit-and-run relationships.  How can we communicate well and give deeper meaning to our relationships?



1. Know Your Feelings

Knowing and recognizing your feelings is the first step towards having a good quality communication.  Feelings that are left unexpressed and ignored cause the most problems in the relationship.  Also, being honest with yourself is the first step.  Always keep in touch with your emotions and learn to express the powerful emotions rationally and with a cold head.  Moreover, never act while you are angry or sad because at that time emotions speak loader than your rational mind and you might regret your choices the next day.

2. Mutual Understanding

Mutual understanding and knowing the other person deeply is another very important aspect of having a good relationship.  In addition, too often people take the other person for granted; also, they forget that people change, grow daily, and limit their relationship to sex.  If you want your relationship to move forward, but never stop learning about the other person.  Share your innermost feelings, hopes, everyday challenges, and keep your relationship growing.

3. Self-knowledge

Meditation is the only way by which you can learn about yourself, your innermost values and who you are as a person.  Self-awareness is very important for having healthy relationships with others.  When you know who you are at your depth, you will like to know the depth of the other person as well.  Since you know who you are, you will respect yourself and it will reflect in your relationship.

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