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Meatless Monday Challenge: Spicy Red Lentil Soup

Meatless Monday is something everyone needs to practice every now and then. Going on a meatless diet once a week can be really beneficial for your health and can prevent some health conditions such as obesity, different types of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.  Choose to practice it every week in order to increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and also expand your lifespan; it is proven that people who base their diet on fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes live longer than people who consume meat and different dairy products. Here is simple Meatless Monday Challenge recipe that you can eat for lunch or dinner.

meatless monday


Spicy Red Lentil Soup

Spicy Red Lentil Soup is one of the best meatless Monday meals that is full of plant-based protein and tastes great!  Red Lentils are great for our digestive system, they lower cholesterol and stabilize our blood sugar levels.  Red lentils are even better because they contain double the protein than regular lentils, a lot of fiber and complex carbohydrates that will give you steady energy through the day. Here is the recipe for this spicy red lentil curry.

1 large onion diced

2 tbs red paprika

1 tomato diced

2 cups red lentils

1 tbs olive oil

1/2 tbs Himalayan pink salt

1 can tomato puree or tomato sauce

1/2 tbs black pepper

1 tbs chili powder

1/2 tbs dry oregano

1/2 cup fresh filtered water(+/- depending on your preference)

Start by washing the lentils under cold water until the water is clear.  Put them aside to drain.  In a medium pot put the olive oil and the diced onion and stir for one minute until the onion starts to caramelize.  Add the diced tomato and the lentils and stir for one minute until everything gets combined.  If it seems too dry to stir, add a little bit more olive oil. Add the red paprika, the chili powder, the salt and black pepper and stir for 30 seconds more.  Add the tomato puree and leave everything to cook until tender, loss for approximately 20 minutes.

Occasionally add water to your closest consistency you can make it like a curry or like a soup it is up to you.  If you like to make it as a curry keep the water at a minimum.  Add oregano and it is ready to be served!

(Tip: If you make it as a curry, which we highly recommend, serve it over a Basmati rice)

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