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Everyone likes to travel.Weather is short or long distance,on the beach or the mountain,everybody enjoys a short getaway from everyday problems and routines. Travelling has a good impact on our physical but our mental health too.Travelling often opens your mind,ignites new ideas and concepts,breeds creativity and helps you forget about all of your problems.It is proven that travelling often changes your personality and helps you find yourself.When you travel,you encounter many different things that you would not thought of otherwise.Meeting new cultures and different ways of living expands your mind and the way you look at life.Weather you have 1000 problems waiting for you at home,while travelling you forget about all of them even for a short period of time.Travelling generally makes people happier and more positive.Summer is just around the corner so here we share 6 tips for planning a perfect vacation.

1.Plan ahead

This is probably the most important thing to consider when travelling. Many people like to be spontaneous but if you already have a busy life the best thing to do is to plan ahead.While planning ahead several months you will find better deals with better money value and you will have something to look forward to.

2.Make a destination list

How many times have you said I will go here,I want to go there,my plan is to go there etc and it never happens?Make a list of top 5 destinations that you would like to visit in the near future and pick one according to the weather,best time to visit,season,travelling buddies etc.When finished pick another 5.

3.Pick good travelling buddies

This is also very important while travelling. Travelling means spending the whole day with someone.While travelling happens every month,2 or 5 you would not like to ruin a time that is meant to be a relaxing one with choosing a bad company. Choose someone that is really close to you,that has the same interests while travelling.If you like to go shopping most of the time and you are with a person that likes to drinks coffee,goes out and meet new people you wont get along well and you will ruin your vacation.

4.Make a plan for your trip

Make a plan for your trip.Investigate everything about the place that you are visiting and the most interesting things to visit while you are there.Find tickets online about the things that you want to see(they are usually better priced online) and make a plan for how you want to spend your days at your destination.

5.Turn off your mind and be in the present

While being at a specific place,try to keep your technology away from you as much as you can. Take photos,experience the new places without thinking about other thing.Be present so that you can ”catch” the true spirit of the place you are visiting.If you are really addicted to technology and social media,leave one hour window every day for it and spent it in the free time or while relaxing.

6.Mix and Match 

Try to mix and match your vacations. Many of us want to go only on the beach,some only want to visit big cities,some want to visit the jungle.Try to mix and match. If you go to an exotic destination,try to go to some interesting city next that offers more sightseeing,night and day life and more culture.

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