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Psychotic Breakdown Tragedy: My Sister Killed My Children And I Forgave Her

On a frigid January night, Danielle Lambert life changed for a second.  In the hospital room together with her husband Ken.  As the doctor shut the door she faced the brutal truth-her two children, Kaleigh(5) and Shane(4) were not coming home.  They were seriously injured; she and Ken said goodbye to them forever.

mental ilness

 Danielle and Ken with their two kids, Kaleigh and Shane

Previously that night, Danielle said bye to her two children as her twin sister Marci Thibault drove them away to a slumber party weekend in Massachusetts.  Danielle had her dinner with her husband Ken when around 10 pm the phone rang.  On the phone was Arielle(16), one of the relatives that were attending the party with a worried voice.  She told Danielle that an accident has happened with Marci and the kids; as she was driving to Bellingham Massachusetts and that were going to the hospital.

Danielle and Ken immediately called the Lawrence General Hospital in Massachusetts to see what has happened with her two children. While they were getting dressed with her husband Ken, holds the phone with her shaking hands and listened to the nurse as she was asking a million questions ”How are they?  What happened?  How is their condition, are they stable?”Danielle was trembling in fear as the nurse said ”I am afraid the condition is poor.  “Please come as soon as you can”.  The Lamberts rushed out from the house in tears and drove 23 miles from their home in New Hampshire to Lawrence, Massachusetts. When they arrived, the doctor took them into his room and gently said the tragic news they had to say goodbye to their kids.

What Happened?

The Lamberts learned that Danielle’s sister, Marci(40) undressed herself and the two children as she stopped in the opposite direction on the Interstate 495 road and walked together with the two children into an ongoing traffic.  Marci was a married mom and had 2 kids. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression and she occasionally experienced psychotic breakdowns.  As they were driving to Bellingham, Marci experienced one and lost her mind.  Marci and both of the kids died from the serious injuries when two cars hit them.

That night, before Marci took the kids from their home, she received a warning from a state trooper because she was unable to stay within the lines on the road. When a Samaritan tried to help her, she started hitting him and calling him Harry.After that, she sat in a puddle of dirty water and started splashing like a little girl.  The drivers on the road called the police and the police officers were in a doubt whether they need to let her go or take her to the hospital.  She has told them that she needs to pick up and drives her nephews on a party and even beside that they let her go.

Danielle says” When she got home, her clothes were dry and she was stable-her psychosis was gone for that moment.  If I knew she was stopped by the police I would never allow her to take my children.  If the police didn’t let her go maybe my kids would still be here with me.”

After The Funeral

After the funeral, Danielle and Ken were devastated.  They experienced a pain like they couldn’t imagine.  They decided to lessen their pain and Danielle started an organization for mental health illness called Keep Sound Mind with Ken’s help.  It is proven that one out of 4 people experience some type of a mental illness in their life and Danielle decided to raise the awareness about this subject. Her story touches million of people.  Danielle also decided to let go of the grudge she was holding toward her sister Marci. ”It took me months but I did forgive her.  We did everything together, we grew together, we raised our kids together, we talked on the phone the whole day.  I realized she was also gone too.  I also realized that Marci was not the one who killed my children-it was the psychosis.  Marci loved my kids like they were her own.”

In 2011, Danielle and Ken got two twins.  Although they are the new light in their lives and a reason for their happiness; nothing can erase the memory of Kaleigh and Shane.  They will always be in their hearts and soul.

Bipolar disorder is very common around the world today.  Its behavior is depression and extreme manic state as well as hallucination and living in a delusion.  If you happen to know someone who has this type of symptoms, address the near hospital or a mental health awareness organization such as nami.org.

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