Recover faster with Pineapple


Fresh pineapple is a fruit that you will see every athlete and fitness figure eat.  After bananas, they are the most popular tropical fruit and they are available year round.  Pineapple is incredibly rich in nutrients.  In addition, pineapple contains a lot of manganese and Vitamin C that makes collagen synthesis in the body.  Additionally, it contains a lot of the B-vitamins like Thiamine that helps with breaking down carbohydrates in the body for energy.

The most important nutrient this fruit contains is the digestive enzyme called Bromelain that helps with protein digestion and absorption.  Furthermore, this is extremely important for people who train a lot and follow a high-protein diet plan.  Add pieces of fresh pineapple in your after gym meal or smoothie for faster recovery and to fight inflammation.  Pineapple will help with swelling, pain, and it will help you build muscles faster.


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