Rice Milk Vs. Soy Milk

Non-dairy milk is a great alternative for anyone who has lactose intolerance. Presently, the most commonly used non-dairy milks are rice milk and soy milk.  So what are the benefits of rice and soy milk, and how do they compare to cows milk?

Rice Milk Vs. Soy Milk

Rice milk 

Rice milk is great for smoothies and different kind of cereal breakfast.  In addition, rice milk is usually made from boiled rice and brown rice syrup and starch with a slightly sweeter taste than cow’s milk. It is relatively low in calories and fat and is a great substitute for dairy milk. In addition, it contains much less cholesterol than cow’s milk. When buying always choose the rice milk that is fortified with calcium and other vitamins such as vitamin A and B12.

Soy Milk

Soy milk has gained a lot of bad reputation, but it is still one the most widely used non-dairy milk out there. In terms of health, it has more health benefits than rice milk. Soy milk is high in proteins, vitamins and has zero cholesterol, unlike cow’s milk. Although very sweet by taste, it is still lower in sugar than cow’s milk by 5-6 grams per cup.  Soy milk also contains a good amount of fiber to keep your digestive tract working well. It comes in many different flavors and it is extremely versatile.  The bad thing about soy it is that is one of the most frequent food allergens and is linked to many health issues such as estrogen dominance and hormone imbalance. Also, beware of GMO soy and always look for the Non-GMO label

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