Simple Dairy Free Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are great for many reasons, for your overall health and for adding your daily dose of fruits and vegetables quickly into your body. Smoothies are for the fiber, vitamins, and minerals they contain that sometimes we can miss in our diet.  Green smoothies are great because are made with green fruits and vegetables and herbs that contain a lot of chlorophyll that protects our skin and hair and have a lot of antioxidant effects.  There are many people who are intolerant to lactose and they are looking for a dairy-free option.  Rice milk or almond milk are both great for smoothies.  Almond milk is richer in flavor and contains vitamin E and rice milk is lighter and contains calcium(look for the fortified rice milk).   Here is a simple green recipe that is done under 3 minutes and will keep you full in the mornings.

simple dairy free smoothie


1 Cup filtered water/almond/rice milk

2 dates/ 1 tbs Agave syrup

1 Cup fresh spinach

Ice By Choice

1 Green Apple

1 Medium Pear

1/2 banana

1 tbs coconut oil

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