Supplement Battle: BCAA vs. Glutamine

There are tons of fitness supplements on the market today that help and support a healthy fitness lifestyle starting with vitamins and minerals, superfoods, proteins and all kinds of amino acids.  When it comes to amino acids, the building blocks of protein, there is a lot of controversies in which ones are the most effective and needed in the daily life of fitness athletes and everyone who works out on a daily basis.  There are more than 20 different amino acids.  Here we will discuss the two most important amino acids-BCAA-Branched Chain Amino Acids and Glutamine.

BCAA-Branched Chain Amino Acids

Branched Chain Amino Acids are essential nutrients that the body obtains from a protein found in food such as meat, eggs, and different dairy products. BCAA consists from leucine, isoleucine, and valine.  BCAA’s are great for people who are following a strict calorie deficit diet because it helps you maintain the muscle mass while losing fat.  BCAA taken as a supplement require no digestion and it is really easy absorbed by the body.  BCAA is also a great supplement if you are trying to save on muscle mass while doing a lot of cardio training as running, cycling and any other kind of high-intensity aerobic activity.  In general, BCAA support strength, performance, and muscle mass preservation.  They are best taken in the morning and immediately after a workout.  There are a lot of flavors out there like Watermelon, Lime, Cherries, Berries etc.

Our recommendation: BCAA Powder by MusclePharm

  • Consisted from Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine
  • Supports strength, performance and muscle mass preservation
  • Taken in the morning, before or immediately a workout
  • No digestion required
  • Easily absorbed by the body
  • Comes as a flavored supplement


Glutamine is the amino acid that is contained in our bodies the most, over 60% of the skeletal muscles is made up from glutamine.  Also, glutamine is the same as BCAA, can help with losing extra fat without losing any muscles.  Glutamine has become very popular as a supplement because it helps with recovery, muscle soreness, and muscle growth and also enhances performance and it is heavily used by many athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Glutamine also can naturally increase the levels of HGH or Human Growth Hormone.  It is usually taken evenly throughout the day in the morning, after a workout, and before sleep.  It comes in capsule or powder form and it is usually tasteless.

Our Suggestion: Glutamine Powder by Optimum Nutrition

  • Made up naturally in our bodies
  • Helps with muscle growth and recovery from heavy exercises
  • Taken evenly 2-3 times throughout the day
  • Comes as capsules or powder
  • Usually tasteless


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