The Almighty Coffee: How To Use Coffee Beans Beside Making Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world.  It is estimated that daily more than 150 million Americans drink up to three cups of cappuccino, latte and espresso shots.  Coffee protects your skin and brain and gives you the second wake-up call in the mornings.  But grounded coffee beans are not just great for our daily dose of the magical potion but also for many other kitchen purposes. We all know that consuming too much coffee daily is not good for our health and our nervous system.  So here are 3 ways to use grounded coffee beans beside making coffee and get your daily dose in a different way.


1. For Making Smoothies

Smoothies with coffee are a great way to incorporate your daily dose of nutrients and coffee into one.  It will make a perfect breakfast and shorten your time for preparing food in the morning. When you are making coffee smoothie use banana, nut or skim milk, cinnamon and nut butter of choice.

2. For making Ice Cream

Coffee Ice Cream in the afternoon will give you an extra kick of energy; also an interesting flavor to your regular ice cream.  You can add also dark chocolate chips, it makes a great combo.  For a healthier ice-cream option use skim milk or cashew milk, coffee, agave, dark chocolate chips, frozen banana and crumbled nuts of choice!

3. For Baking

waffle coffee

If you haven’t tried, we recommend that you try to use grounded coffee beans in the mornings for making oatmeal, pancakes or even cookies.  Coffee flavor is a little bit sharper and it will add a different taste to your sweet recipes.  We highly recommend making oatmeal with milk, coffee and a little bit of agave or raw honey.  Use a little bit more honey or agave if you find the coffee taste overpowering.  Add a little bit of grounded coffee in your cookie recipe or even in your pancakes or waffles and enjoy!

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