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The Modern Foreplay: Why is Sexting Good

Sexting became really popular in the past century, especially with new technology and smartphone era. Sexting is considering one of the best foreplay tools.  A study shows that is extremely popular among all age, not just teenagers. Although some people consider sexting as inappropriate, it is proven that sexting can be particularly good for your relationship.  Sexting is good for the long-run relationship; because they spice it up and keep you in anticipation even when your partner is not around.  It is proven that people who sext often have better experiences and sexual satisfaction.


A study made by Drexel University proves that mostly the people who text are in a casual relationship; or a committed relationship and a little percent of the people who are in really serious relationships.  The people who are sexting(and enjoying it).  Additionally, they are looking at sexting as a healthy sexual expression and communication that can be really good in the sense that it builds up your sexual creativity and imagination that leads to better sex.  Also, sexting is a great tool for understanding the sexual desires between the partners for the upcoming sexual experiences.  Although it can be an interesting tool for exploring sexuality; because there are some things that need to be taken into consideration before you decide to sext.

1.Be Yourself

When sexting be yourself. You don’t have to try to be something or to express yourself in a way that owns because that will leave you in a more difficult and embarrassing situation afterward.  Say only what feels natural to you and work from there.

2.Faceless Nudes

There are chances your nudes can be miss use, and if you don’t have 100% trust in your texting partner.  We recommend taking faceless nudes. You can start with different types of pictures and when you get to know the partner and if you trust him 100% you can send him all kinds of pictures by your choice.

3.Don’t Show Everything At Once

Keep the anticipation going by showing little by little.  Don’t spend all of your aces before hand.  Keep it interesting by sending photos with a different kind of content not just selfies and nude photos.  You can send photos of lingerie, different kinds of food, bubble baths etc.Be creative.

4.Trust the Sexting  Person

This is the most important thing before you start texting. There are many examples over the world where the sexting nudes and selfies are being used afterward for many different reasons such as revenge sites etc.  Get to know the person you sext. Don’t send photos with explicit content to person you just met. It could kill the excitement and it could be over soon and you would have your sexting photos at the stranger’s phone.


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