The Super Elixir:Elle Macpherson secret

The Super Elixir by Elle Macpherson

The Super Elixir is the new popular thing every model and health enthusiast swears by.  Developed by more than 15 years, it is a blend of alkalizing substances that detox the body and nourish; also with all the essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.



Elle Macpherson created this together with Dr. Laubscher a well known and called the company WelleCo.  This blend is made so that it keep your natural body pH and to nourish your body; since with all the essential amino acids.  It contains nearly 45 key ingredients such as alkalizing greens, powdered fruits, herbs, and some digestive enzymes.   All of this is absorbed in the body in a very natural way, on a cellular level.  It is meant to help, nourish and keep in balance all of your 11 body systems like the digestive, the nervous, the respiratory and the endocrine to name a few.  This product is vegan-friendly, dairy, and gluten free.  Also during the preparation, this product has been protected from the heat so that keeps the nutrients in the natural form without any damage.

This product comes in many different packaging with the original costing $135 per 300 grams and you can find it on

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