The Ultimate Fitness Grocery List

Summer is almost over and the gym sessions start all over again together with new goals and fitness regimes.  One of the most important aspects, when you are starting a new fitness plan, is food and nutrition.  You can simplify your nutrition by making a plan for grocery shopping and the items that you need.  This way you will be more organize and you will skip the junk food.  If you don’t keep junk food in your house, you will not eat those kinds of foods and you will not harm your weight and your fitness regime.  Here is the ultimate Grocery Fitness List for this autumn.

the ultimate

1. Pineapple, Bananas, Strawberries, Lemons, Apples

Pineapple is great for getting the digestive enzymes into your body, bananas contain a lot of potassium and regulate our digestive health(plus they are great for smoothies),strawberries are great for breakfast meals and for getting our daily dose of vitamin C.Lemons are great for alkalizing our bodies and apples are great for snacks topped with almond/peanut butter and are one of the best sources of both soluble and insoluble fiber.

2. Spinach, Onions, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Asparagus, Zucchini

All of these vegetables are loaded with different type of vitamins such as vitamin A, K as well as iron, magnesium, and manganese. Vegetables are really important to be eaten as they alkalize our body environment and are loaded with different kind of nutrients and vitamins. Our bodies tend to get acidic when we eat meat and different dairy products so it is essential to balance it with fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Chicken Breast & Ground Turkey Meat

One of the most important things when following a fitness diet is the intake of protein. The best protein meat is chicken breast and ground turkey meat. These are one of the leanest forms of protein that will not add on fat and will help you build a lean muscle mass. Also, this kind of protein will fight your belly fat at the same time.

4. Salmon

Salmon loads with omega 3 fatty acids as well as vitamin D and vitamin B12.   In addition, salmon is the best type of fish to be eaten when following a fitness diet.

5. Rice, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes

Complex carbohydrates are the second most important thing on your fitness grocery list after protein.  The best sources of complex carbohydrates are rice, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.  The best type of rice is the basmati rice it is very flavorful and fragrant. The sweet potatoes are loaded with beta-carotene and vitamin A, as well with fiber just like regular potatoes.

6. Oats & Quinoa

Oats are the best breakfast foods that can use for making oatmeal, pancakes, and waffles and are loaded with dietary fiber, protein, and complex carbohydrates. Quinoa is great for making morning gluten free porridge or added to a salad.  Additionally, it contains a lot of fiber, plant protein, and manganese.

7. Greek Yogurt & Kefir

Greek Yogurt packs with proteins and healthy bacteria as well as Kefir. These are great for adding protein with a low-fat content(the both exist in low-fat versions), as well suitable for vegetarians.

8. Milk(Low Fat), Rice Milk, Almond Milk

Milk is great for adding calcium, magnesium, and protein in your diet, as well for smoothies.  If you have problems with lactose, choose rice milk or almond milk.  If you buy rice milk, buy the one with added calcium.  Furthermore, almond milk is great for vitamin E and for different kind of smoothies.

9. Whole Wheat Pasta & Ezekiel Bread

Whole wheat pasta is great for carbohydrates and it will fuel your muscles especially if you do an intense workout or do a long hour cardio. Ezekiel bread is sprouted bread and is considered the healthiest bread you can eat.  The main nutrition of this bread comes from the sprouted grains such as wheat, millet, barley etc.

10. Eggs

Eggs are the most versatile protein you can eat so you always need to have them in your fridge. They are the best breakfast food and the recipe list for them is never-ending!

11. Peanut Butter & Almond butter

Peanut butter and almond butter are use as a snack food together with fresh fruits but they can be a great way to power-pack you smoothies. They contain a lot of protein and healthy fats and will keep you full for a longer period of time.


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  • Excellent tips. Don’t forget Spinach and Broccoli as well, as these are massive sources of antioxidants that help your body perform its’ best!

  • You have to remember that fitness is not all about exercise. The foods that you eat should also be considered. So if you cannot find the grocery list for your fitness goals, you can try this one.

  • Perfect Healthy Tips. I liked your blog post and I surely follow your tips to get healthier life.Nutrition plays such a major role in losing weight or just maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Keep Posting like this and thanks for sharing.