Top 10 Healthy Spots around the world

Healthy restaurants and juice bars are the new trends in the world.  As the health consciousness grows among the consumers, health spots are the new thing in the cuisine business. We share 10 most popular healthy restaurants and bars around the world.

1. Juice Press, New York City, USA

Juice Press is one of the most popular healthy chains in New York providing healthy smoothies, cold pressed juices, raw foods, soups and desserts that are mostly raw and using only organic produce and powders.  Furthermore, they have really fun and interesting approach to customers and they really stand out with the products they offer.   Since, their smoothies are nothing like boring, they infuse them with all kinds of different superfoods as acai, fresh almond butter, homemade almond milk, homemade hemp milk, hemp protein, brown rice protein, and Camu powder.  Their menu is very rich and they make all of their smoothies fresh to order.  They also offer raw food, chia puddings, and salads as well as treats.  In addition, they have several locations in New York City.

2. Nutrition Bar, AU

An Australian healthy bar offering protein smoothies, salads, protein, and raw treats and famous acai bowls.  You can add protein and make you acai bowl perfect post-workout treat.  Not to mention, their most popular items on the menu are the protein balls they offer peanut butter, fit ball, recovery ball and choc protein ball.  Also, they have a wide range of raw cakes and cheesecakes and also health shots as the green shot infused with Vitamin C.  They are located in Richmond, Melbourne, and Windsor.

3. Nutrition Republic, AU

Another Australian spot offering the widest range of raw and organic cakes, raw chocolates and brownies, breakfast food as Muesli and chia puddings, zucchini noodles and fermented foods.  Moreover, the interior is warm and welcoming with natural materials like wood and the food serving very interesting.  Of course, their most popular items are the raw cakes, organic lattes and iced coffee and salads.  They are located in Goodwood, South Australia.

4. Protein House, Las Vegas, USA

The perfect place for the more fitness-oriented individuals.  Their menu is loads with high-protein foods and snacks.  Additionally, they have a wide range of foods, starting with breakfast foods, smoothies and juices, burgers, salads, wraps, and desserts.  You can choose from the several types of burgers they have turkey, portobello, Ninja, Muscle builder, and more.  Their pancakes are infused with whey protein and their salads are also high-protein with grilled chicken, seared tuna or grilled salmon.  They are located in Las Vegas.

5. Gym’s Kitchen, London, UK

A protein based restaurant that offers an exquisite menu for all the fitness fanatics.  As a matter of fact, their menu has several different parts for people that eat vegetarian food, for people who eat a low-carb diet, for people who eat for a strength training and you can mix and match your meals according to your preferences.  All of the items in the menu are labeled with their caloric and nutritious value so you will know exactly how much carbs, protein, and fat you have in your meal.  It is perfect for people who watch on their macros.  They have 2 locations in London.

6. The Boathouse Balmoral, AU

One of the most beautiful healthy restaurants around the world, The Boathouse Balmoral offers a unique healthy food dining.  For instance, their breakfast menu is filled with healthy choices like quinoa muesli with Greek yogurt, avocado toast, poached eggs and banana bread and their lunch menu offers a variety of seafood.   Also, they have a variety of smoothies and juices.  All of the food is prepared with fresh local produce.  Their interior is something that really makes this place unique fresh flowers and a pile of fruits at the entrance makes this place a cozy place to visit and dine in. There is another restaurant located in Palm Beach, Australia.

7. Health Freak Cafe, AU

Healthy cafe in Australia that offers a healthy dining for all tasting preferences.  For instance, they offer high-protein, low-carb breakfast, fresh juices, protein shakes and smoothies and also a selection of raw and vegetarian food, as well as paleo foods.  The most interesting foods on their menu are the burgers and sandwiches made with their own high-protein bread that contains nearly 8gr of protein in a slice.  They have 3 locations in Subiaco, Scarborough, and Joondalup.

8. Thr1ve, AU

Thr1ve is a paleo-based restaurant in Australia that offers high-protein, gluten-free bowls, smoothies and vegetarian food.  Their whole menu is based on the caveman or paleolithic diet.  They have eggs, paleo pancakes and protein bread for breakfast.  In addition, they have all kinds of meat for lunch to combined with fresh salad, brown rice, sweet potato or cauliflower mash.   Additionally, they have all kinds of smoothies that you can mix and match to infused with all kinds of milk.  For instance, like homemade almond milk, soy, coconut or skim, protein-pea and whey and homemade butters-cashew, coconut or walnut.  They have several locations around Australia.

9. Cafe Gratitude, California, USA

Cafe Gratitude is a plant-based restaurant chain that is 100%organic.  In fact, their menu is abundant with all kinds of breakfast foods like pancakes, crepes, banana bread, muffins and sprouted oatmeal. As well as all kinds of salads, soups and veggie burgers, tacos and different kinds of cashew cheese and shots.  Their smoothies are filled with all kinds of superfoods like vitamin C-powder, hemp seeds, cashew coconut ice cream, almond butter and maca powder.  They have several locations around California.

10. Ground Organics.AU

Ground Organics is a restaurant that offers raw and vegetarian food together with juices and smoothies that contain all natural ingredients.  For breakfast, they offer raw paleo pancakes, overnight oats, granola and avocado toast and poached eggs.  For lunch, a burger with cashew cheese, raw zucchini pasta, and mushroom burger.  In addition, the protein shakes are containing pea/rice or whey protein and almond or coconut milk.  The most interesting thing about this restaurant is the way they prepare and decorate their food.  For this reason, it is almost too beautiful to eat!  They add a little happy message printed with your order.  They are located in Mooloolaba.

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