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Top 3 Natural Oils to Use During The Summer

Hot temperatures and salty water are the real enemies for our hair and skin during the summer days.  Although a small amount of sunshine and water can make our skin darker, skin breakage and permanent spots and scars.   Additionally, a lot of suns can do a serious damage to the hair; for instance, it can cause dry ends, dull hair, and difficulty brushing the hair.

Beside using specific summer skin and hair care products in order to protect them from damage; we should not neglect the natural remedies and natural oils.  Natural oils can be used during the whole year and they do miracles for the hair and skin; also they are extremely beneficial for the extreme conditions during the summer and winter time.  Argan oil, coconut and almond oil are known to be the most friendly for our skin and hair. Each of these oils has unique properties that protect and nourish our skin and hair.

1. Argan Oil

Argan-Oil-16185018jpeg (1)

Argan Oil is many times called the liquid gold because of its many health benefits.  It comes from the argan tree in Morocco and it is extremely rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids.  It gives the skin natural glow, keeps it hydrated; also repairs the damage of split hair ends and helps our hair keep the elasticity.  Use it before bed after you cleanse your face as a natural moisturizer and you will wake up with a glowing skin or put it evenly on your hair overnight as a hair mask for moisturizing and protect your hair from dry ends.

2. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut with jars of coconut oil and cosmetic cream on wooden background

Coconut Oil is extracted from the meat of mature coconuts and has a sweet light flavor.  Mainly it is used for cooking and weight loss, but it is becoming more and more popular as it does wonders for the skin and hair. It regenerates the hair and skin and protects the hair from ultraviolet rays by 19%.  You can use it as a makeup remover as it removes even the most stubborn makeup, as a hair mask and even as a substitute for a shaving cream during the summer it will leave your skin silky and hydrated.

3. Sweet Almond Oil


Almond oil is widely used in many skin care products as it is rich in vitamin A, E, and B that are great for keeping the skin elasticity.  Almond oil is known to have anti-aging properties and it is also widely used for dandruff and treating all kinds of different skin allergies.  Use it at night by applying a small amount on your face or mixed with coconut and olive oil as an overnight hair mask.  It will make your hair shinier and up to 3 times more voluminous!

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