Top 6 Juice Cleanses-The Liquid Diet

Juice cleanses have been really popular in the last 10 years and the trend is rapidly growing.  Every day there are new juice bars that offer different detox plans for the whole body. This rapidly growing trend has raised a lot of controversy because of the possible health risk of extreme diets like this one. What really is a juice cleanse?

Juice cleanse or a juice fasting is a detox plan that is offered by a specific company that has a goal to eliminate toxins by feeding the body with pure vitamins and minerals from fresh produce.  The fresh juices can be made from vegetables only, fruits or a mixture of both.  There are a lot of companies offering different types of plans and cleanses and here we share our best choices.

1. BluePrintCleanse

BluePrintCleanse is the very first juice cleanse company in the USA. They offer juice cleanse made with only 100% organic produce.  They have 3 types of cleanses: renovation cleansers, foundation, and excavation cleanse.  The renovation cleanse is the beginner cleanse and it is the easiest, while the excavation cleanses is the most intense one.  The cleanse for one day costs $65 and it comes with 6 bottles of pure organic juice.  Depending on the cleanse you will get different juices-fruit juices or a vegetable one.  The most intense cleanse-the excavation is the most alkalizing one and contains only vegetable juices, spicy lemonade, and cashew milk.

2. JuicePress

Juice Press is founded by Marcus Antebi who created this brand in 20010 and swears by the liquid diet.  They offer 3 types of cleanses, the NYC cleanse, the original cleanse and the alternate cleanses all containing 6 juices per day.  Each individual cleanse is ranging from $61-$67.  The most alkalizing and the deepest cleanse is the original that contains 6 juices; from which one is coconut water mixed with coconut meat and the others are a mixture of different green vegetables and fruits.


3. Organic Avenue

Organic Avenue is founded in 2000 and opened its first retail store in 2006.  It offers 2 types of juice cleanses the go green and loves deep.  Each of these comes with 3 or 5 days option and daily they cost $70.  The Go Green package is the most ”clean” and green and is nut-free offering 5 green juices, 1 blended soup, and a booster shot.

4. Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery is founded in 2010 by three friends Carly, Hedi, and Hayden who got together for the love of cold pressed juice.   Moreover, they offer 3 cleanses, cleanse 1, 2, and 3. The cleanse 3 is the most intense one for the experienced cleansers and offers 6 cold pressed juices from which one is raw almond milk with vanilla.  The price for the Pressed Juicery Cleanse is $72 per day.

5. Juice Served Here

Juice Served Here is founded in 2010 by Greg Alterman and Alex Matthews.  In addition, they offer 3 cleanses, the soft cleanse, the semi-cleanse and the hard cleanse.  Moreover, they all start at $55 per day providing 6 cold pressed juices.  The cleanest and most intense cleanse is the hard cleanse that has charcoal lemonade, coconut water with aloe vera, green milk with almond, cashew and hazelnut and 3 green juices.


6. Liquiteria

Liquiteria exists for almost 20 years now.  Furthermore, it offers 4 cleanses with 100% cold pressed juices-the Introductory with 4 pressed juices starting at $33 per day, and the Level 1,2 and 3 cleanses from $45-$65. The most advanced cleanse is the Lever 3 cleanse offering 8 cold pressed juices from which 5 are green juices, one turmeric tonic water and 2 juices with root vegetables.

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