Train as an Angel: Candice Swanepoel

Train as an Angel: Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel

Is a 28 years old South African runway model, nicknamed the Flamingo thanks to her long legs.With a body to die for, she has been Victoria’s Secret model since 2010 and she became a role model for many girls and women all around the world thanks to her ideal body which is a result of a healthy lifestyle and a lot of exercises.

She does boxing, jumping rope and strength training and sometimes she does yoga for keeping her mind still.  She does regular training with her trainer Justin Gelband doing all kinds of total-body toning exercises for lower back, hip, butt, balance, and stability.  Balance and stability are very important for her as she walks all those runway shows in 5-inch stiletto heels. For the latest Victoria’s Secret show she showed how she keeps her body runway ready with ballet moves and dancing.  She often credits dancing as a form of relaxation and well-being.  Here is her latest workout video where she prepares for Victoria’s Secret show 2014 with ballet moves.


Her diet consists of eating a lot of proteins and eating steadily during the day.  She says it is very difficult to eat healthily and to keep the weight in check with all the traveling she does; also she gives thanks to her incredibly fast metabolism for the figure she has. Her breakfast consists of vegetables and omelets and croissants.  During the day she drinks a lot of plain and also coconut water; also eats a lot of meat as steak for muscle building.  Before the show, because of the increased workouts, she will add on carbohydrates.  She does indulge in pasta and pizza whenever she wants and also in her favorite treat-Brazilian bread.  She believes in balance and little indulgence and not starving yourself but giving your body what it really needs, because as she says true confidence comes from within and feeling good in your body.



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