Vegan Whey-Pea Protein

Incorporating protein into the everyday diet is crucial for building a lean and healthy body.  Proteins powders have gained a lot of popularity over the years.

Drinking protein shake after working out helps recovery, soreness; also is one of the most important foundational nutrients in every nutritional and fitness plan. Whey protein powder is one of the supplements that is most used by a majority of the people. While is good for giving the body all the amino acids and nutrients; also there are people who are intolerant of lactose, following a vegan diet or allergic to animal protein.  Pea protein is new plant whey.

It extracts from a legume called Pisum Sativum; also it is the most Earth-friendly protein of all, harvests without the nitrogen-rich fertilizers that can damage and pollute the environment.  Unlike other non-animal protein powders, pea protein is very high in BCAAs  that help the body burn more fat,build muscle and reduce the muscle soreness in the body and is also very high in protein as one scoop contains nearly 25gr of protein the same as the standard whey protein powder and has only 105 calories per scoop.  It is very easily digestible by the body unlike the other protein powders on the market and also contains a lot of glutamine, lysine, arginine, and amino acids that the body needs to build muscle.

This protein powder, unlike others, is totally fat and cholesterol free.  The only drawback of this protein is the taste the natural pea protein has a plain taste so you will have to balance with flavor enhancers like pitted dates, honey, bananas or raw cacao.

Pea Protein Powder:

  • 25gr High-Quality Protein per scoop
  • Allergen, Gluten and Cholesterol and Fat-Free
  • Very High BCAAs levels
  • 105kcal per scoop
  • High in Arginine, Lysine, and Glutamine

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