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What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You

Colors and their meaning has a lot to do with our personality, our character and also how others perceive us, believe it or not. Your favorite color describes you and gives away traits from your personality. Here is a color chart, pick your favorite color and see what meaning it holds.

colors 2


Which is your favorite color?


The color white usually stands for purity.   Most people who like the color white like cleanliness and simplicity, order and cannot stand clutter.  Additionally, you like simple life and freshness.


If you love the color black it means you are dignified and very proud of who you are, but you are not showy.  Sensitive, you have hidden depth and mystery, might suppress personal feelings, after power.


Blue is the most spiritual color.  You are sensitive, introverted and soft, caring for other people.  In addition, blue stands for wisdom and strong character that is not controlled by outside world.


Green stands for connection with Mother Nature, connection with our hearts and caring for other people.  Sincerity, renewal, peace, and growth.


This color yellow is the joy and happiness.  Moreover, the color yellow is mental strength and imagination as well as seeing self-fulfillment.  Shiny and bright like the sun, strong sense of humor and mental capacities.


The color red is the color of passion, love, vitality, and health.  Ambitious nature, optimistic, go-get-it attitude, impulsive.  Zest for life and adventure.


The color of stillness, you work too much without reward work.  The business-oriented person, inner strength of steel.


This color purple means that you are individual and sensitive, authority seeking, artistic; also a quest for a different type of artsy things, and culture seeking.


This color orange means creativity, down to earth behavior, popularity, luxury-seeking, restlessness, and fearlessness.


If you love the color brown it means that you are a stable person with strong character.  Furthermore, you are patience and stamina; also nurturing and solid foundation.  Love responsibility.

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