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When Anxiety is Becoming a Disorder

A small dose of anxiety is normal from time to time or in a particular period of stress and worries. However, there are several cases when anxiety starts being a big problem in everyday life. Anxiety disorder is very common and is can become a huge barrier to living a healthy everyday life. There are several types of anxieties such as social anxiety, phobia anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and etc.  How to know when it is time so speak with a professional? Anxiety can seriously harm your happiness and everyday joy and decrease the quality of your life.Here are some signs that point that your anxiety is going out of control and becomes a disorder and you should ask for professional help.

When Anxiety is Becoming a Disorder


1. You tend to over-worry for everything

The habit to over-worry about everything for a prolonged period of time is the first sign of anxiety disorder. Worrying about simple things or everyday life situations can become a serious problem and barrier to living a normal life as well as unhappiness and depression.

2. Trouble sleeping

The trouble with sleeping, inability to sleep because of ”loud” mind and waking up frequently during the night are all symptoms of anxiety disorder. Stress plays a vital role in having a good night sleep. If you are feeling uneasy during sleep, if you wake up 2-3 times during the night with uneasiness and increased heartbeat, it is time to talk with a professional.

3. Chest pain and heartache

Chest pain and heartache are another signs or anxiety disorder. When you are feeling particularly stressed due to unpleasant feelings such as fear you breathe in more oxygen due to fast muscle contraction and that causes a sharp heart pain.

4. Extreme Sweating

Sweating is the most physical evidence of the body in response to anxiety disorder. This happens because when you are having an anxiety attack your body fight or flight system activates and that causes your body to make more sweat than usual.

5. Nervousness & Irritability

Nervousness and irritability are connected with elevated anxiety. People with an anxiety disorder are easily upset and are unable to control themselves in different social events. Anxiety triggers negative emotions and if not treated on time can cause serious social and relationship problems.

How Can You Help Your Anxiety Attacks?

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools in dealing with anxiety. Also, yoga and listening to music can help you with dealing with stress which is the most common reason for anxiety attacks.Get 8 hours of sleep per day and eat every 2-3 hours well-balanced meal. Exercise and take care of your body from the inside out.  Be positive, smile, hang out with friends and appreciate your life. Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools for dealing with anxiety.

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  • Great and amazing information. Thanks for explaining this complex disorder in such simple words. It was very grateful for you.