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Which Type Of Wine Is The Best For You

Excessive drinking is not recommended for anyone but a glass or two of wine per day can be really beneficial for your heart health.  Moreover, white, red and rose wine are all beneficial in their own ways.

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White wine

White wine is very beneficial for your health as well as red wine, according to the newest studies.  In addition, white wine contains a lot of antioxidants, from which the most abundant are tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol. These antioxidants improve the function of our hearts and stop artery blockage.  The antioxidants in white wine are similar to those found in cold pressed olive oil.  Also, white wines from the region of Italy, France, and Germany are especially high in antioxidants.

Red Wine

Red Wine is really rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. The darker the wine the greater is the antioxidant level in it. The best sorts of red wine are merlot, zinfandel, and syrah. Also, the region where the grapes are coming from makes the difference in the antioxidant level. Wines from Napa Valley, Bordeaux and Burgundy have a higher antioxidant level in comparison from wines coming from other regions.  Red wine is especially beneficial in reducing depression and protecting from colon cancer and contains anti-age benefits as well.

Rose Wine

rose wine

Rose wine is getting more and more popular. Drinking rose wine raises the HDL or the good cholesterol in the blood. The rose wine can be dry/sweet and contains the same health benefits as red and white wine.  The polyphenols in the rose wine help with lowering the blood pressure and bad cholesterol in the blood.  The best rose wines are the ones from France, Italy, and California.

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